Lumba T5 LED-rör 2x18W

LUMBA is an Industrial and office luminaire Lumba with  T5 LED tube.

smart and impact-resistant design that provides a high light quantity with minimal glare. The luminaire can be placed at a height of 2-5 meters.
LUMBA is suitable for offices, parking garages or shops
The advantage of T5 LED tubes is that you can change tubes as needed, such as adjusted brightness, power, and color temperature.

LUMBA is a sustainable luminaire with a flexible installation solution and long life.
LED tubes have a lifespan of over 65,000 hours,

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General Information

Power: 2x18W
Input voltage:  220-240V
Input Frequency: 50 HZ
Optic type: Wide beam
Light source color:3000K 4000k – 5000K
UGR: 24
Power Facto: 0,96
MacAdam: 3
lifetime: 65 000h
IP -class: 24
Certification: CE, EMC Rhos
working temp. -15 + 45